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Frequently Asked Questions

Reservations and Flight Booking Related Questions

Baggage and Cargo Questions



Reservations and Flight Booking Related Questions

1.   Why didn’t my payment/booking go through? 

  • Our Online Reservation System has a 5 minute limit that it is able to hold a seat for booking. Once you choose your date(s) and travel routes, you must complete your booking and submit payment within 5 minutes or the booking will not be confirmed.  If you have received a booking confirmation, but did not receive a payment confirmation email with a credit card invoice, your booking is not confirmed. Please contact our reservations department at (670)-433-9998/9996 or through email at for assistance.


2.   Why didn’t my credit card work? 

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to see specific reasons why a payment was not processed. We can view all bookings that were submitted but payment not received.  If you receive a booking confirmation email, but no payment confirmation, Please contact our reservations department at (670)-433-9998/9996 or through email at for assistance and to ensure your payment is properly processed and booking is confirmed. 


3.   Why can’t I make a reservation for Saipan/Tinian scheduled flights online?

  • Our Online Reservation System was created for customers to make bookings for our scheduled flights between Saipan & Rota and Guam & Rota. The seats are limited for these routes and advanced payment is required to confirm bookings. Saipan/Tinian scheduled flights are operated by multiple aircraft flying every hour and no payment is required to confirm a booking. We highly recommend passengers make a reservation for our flights between Saipan and Tinian but we also accept “walk-in” passengers. To make a reservation for our Saipan/Tinian flights please contact our Reservations Department at (670)-433-9996/9997/9998 or through email at  


4.   Why do we have to present our CNMI valid ID to get the discounted rate? 

  • We offer a discounted rate for flights between Saipan and Tinian to residents of the CNMI.  In order to prove residence, a valid CNMI issued ID must be provided. Unfortunately, birth certificates and passports are not acceptable forms of ID as they do not prove residence.  Valid (unexpired) CNMI Government issued IDs such as a Driver's License, Mayor’s ID, Municipal ID, or School ID are acceptable forms of ID to prove residence.

5.    Why are the tickets so expensive?

  • We strive to make flying inter island as affordable as we possibly can and offer the lowest possible prices.  There are many different costs associated with operating aircraft including fuel, insurance, maintenance, employee salaries, etc.  Additionally there are many local and federal taxes, customs/quarantine fees, and airport charges/landing fees that are included in the price of our tickets.


6.   Why do you charge for children 2 years of age?

  • Like most airlines, we charge based upon the number of seats occupied.  U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations require all children who are older than 24 months to occupy their own seat on an aircraft and are restricted from being held on their parent’s/guardian’s lap.


7.   Why can’t I use my ticket for another person and pay additional fees?

  • Any confirmed ticket for a particular passenger is non-transferable - Change of Name is not allowed.

8.  Why can’t I change the route of my reservation and pay additional fees?

  • Any confirmed ticket for a particular route is non-transferable - Change of Route is not allowed.   

9.  Why aren’t there any direct flights from Saipan-Guam? Why do we have to stop on Rota first? 

  • Our goal is to provide safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable air transportation services to communities in the Marianas.  Currently, there are direct (non-stop) flights between Guam and Saipan operated by another airline and we believe the number of seats currently offered is sufficient to meet existing demand for that route.  Full aircraft charters are available upon request.

10.  Why isn’t there a “local rate” for SPN-ROP-SPN & ROP-GUM-ROP?

  • We don’t offer “Local Rates” for Saipan/Rota & Guam/Rota scheduled flights. However, we do have an online rate for Saipan/Rota which is $165.00 one way / round trip $330.00. Guam/Rota scheduled flight rates are $190.00 one way / round trip $380.00.

Baggage and Cargo Questions

1.   Can we send cake as cargo?

  • We no longer accept cakes through cargo.  However, you are able to hand-carry cakes that are big enough to be placed on your lap. Any oversized cake is not accepted.


2.   What are your cargo rates for Saipan/Tinian/Rota/Guam?

  • For current cargo rates, please email,  or call: (670)532-6224/5                                                                                                           


3.  How can we make reservations for cargo?

  • For cargo reservations, please contact them at (670)286-5366 (Saipan Cargo) / (670)288-9988 (Saipan) / (670)532-6224(Rota) / (670)-433-9988 (Tinian) / (671)645-7827 (Guam).       

FAQ Resv and Flt Booking
FAQ - baggage and cargo

Last updated: 05/16/2024

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