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Fare Restrictions:



No person shall be entitled to transportation services except upon proof of a valid paid reservation. Such proof shall entitle the passenger to transportation only between points of origin and destination and via the routing designated thereon.


All confirmed reservations are non-refundable.  Under certain circumstances, Star Marianas Air may, at its sole discretion, refund reservations.  These circumstances include, but are not limited to:  death of the traveler, a traveling companion or immediate family member; traveler(s) have been summoned to perform jury duty during the dates of planned travel; doctor certified serious illness situations.  In all cases, traveler must notify SMA’s reservations department at least 72 hours prior to the time of travel and provide documentation to confirm the reason for the cancellation. Except in rare unexpected emergencies failure to make such advance notification will result in no refund.    



A reservation is not transferable. If a reservation is in fact used by any person other than the person to whom it was sold, SMA shall not be liable for the destruction, damage or delay of such unauthorized person's baggage or other personal property or the death or injury of such unauthorized persons arising from or in connection with such unauthorized use.    



A one (1) time rebooking/change of itinerary may be allowed with a minimum of 72 hours advance notice prior to departure at no charge if there are available seats on the flight to which the change has been requested.  Changes made between 72 and 24 hours prior to departure will be assessed a $45 change fee.  All changes must include the flight time and date of the requested change.  Change requests that do not specify an available flight time and date are not permitted in which case the reservation will be cancelled and the customer will be refunded the amount paid less a $45 service fee.  No changes will be accepted less than 24 hours prior to departure.           



Check-in Time

Passengers are encouraged to check-in at least 45 minutes prior to departure.  Counters close 20 minutes before departure time.  Passengers who are not checked in by the time counters close, will be considered as "no-shows" and their seats will be made available to stand-by passengers.  No refunds or changes will be allowed for no-show customers.


Boarding Time

Boarding time is 10 minutes before departure time.  Passengers who have checked in but are not present in the boarding area 10 minutes prior to departure will be considered as a "no-show" passenger.


Unaccompanied Minors

Children with ages between 4 to 14 years old traveling without an accompanying adult is considered an Unaccompanied Minor. Unaccompanied will only be accepted on non stop flights.  Unaccompanied minors are not accepted on connecting flights (e.g. Tinian to Rota via Saipan).  A parent or guardian who requests for this service must fill out the an unaccompanied minor information form, identifying the individual authorized to pick up the minor at the destination airport. Star Marianas Air customer service agents are responsible for escorting the minor onto and off of the aircraft and through  customs (if applicable). The party meeting your child will be required to show proper identification before releasing your child to that party.  We recommend checking in early to ensure there is adequate time to complete the required paperwork.  You will need to stay with your child until the flight departs.


Disabled Passengers

Star Marianas Air strives provide customers with disabilities safe, professional, and courteous service at all times. In providing this service, airline representatives will consult with the customer about any assistance and special plans arranged on the customer’s behalf.

We may require some customers with disabilities to travel with an accompanying safety assistant if:

  • The customer, due to a mental disability, is unable to comprehend or respond appropriately to safety instructions from airline representatives.

  • The customer has a mobility impairment so severe that the person is unable to assist in his/her own evacuation of the aircraft.

  • The customer has both severe visual and hearing impairments and cannot establish some means of communication with airline personnel, adequate to permit transmission of the safety briefing.


Boarding Assistance

Star Marianas Air customers must be able to ascend several steps to board the aircraft.  Aircraft limitations preclude the use of lifts, boarding chairs or other devices to enplane a customer needing assistance. When this happens, company employees will provide as much assistance as is determined reasonable. This assistance includes steadying a customer or providing a helping hand as the customer ascends or descends the step(s), assistance in getting to or from the seat, and assistance with loading and retrieving carry - on items and other assistive devices stowed on board. Employees are not permitted, however, to lift or carry customers on board the aircraft or assist with medical services. As the safest seating arrangement for such customers may vary with the situation and with the aircraft type, the customer may be offered to pre-board or may be requested to board last for access to the most accessible seat.


Customers of Size Requiring Additional Space on Board the Aircraft

To ensure that all customers have access to safe and comfortable seating on board our aircraft, we are providing the below guidance. 

The design of the seat belt system for our aircraft does not permit customers to sit on or between two seats and/or use seat belts adjacent to different seats to secure themselves during flight.  For this reason, each customer must be able to sit in one seat and use the seat belt intended for the seat in which he or she is seated.  Seat belt extenders, generally extending the length of a seat belt 24 inches, are available for customers who may need to lengthen the size of the belt.   The width of each seat and seat belt capacity may be used as a guide when determining whether someone may be safely accommodated on board our aircraft.


Customers of size may contact our Reservations Office in advance to let us know they may need additional time or assistance to board, or they may discuss their needs with our Airport Customer Service Agents.  Customers of size must be able to be transported without compromising the safety of themselves or other passengers on board the aircraft; however we will not refuse to provide transportation to any customer solely because a customer’s size results in an inconvenience to crewmembers or other passengers.


Involuntary denied boarding:

Situations may arise when the weight of passengers and bags who have checked in, plus the addition of fuel loads that vary with weather may cause the maximum allowed weight of the aircraft to be reached before all passengers have been boarded. Since these events are not within the control of airline, denied boarding compensation is not offered.   To avoid this type of situation from occurring, the airline attempts to collect passengers’ weight information when travel is being booked.  Though extremely rare, under these circumstances, a customer who has misrepresented their weight by more than 20% or the last customer(s) to check in will be denied boarding. Star Marianas Air will make every effort to accommodate passengers who were denied boarding on the next available flight.


Documents Required for entry into Guam

Passengers travelling from the CNMI to Guam are required to provide evidence of their eligibility to enter Guam.  When making reservations, passengers are required to provide their full name (as it appears on their passport or birth certificate), their citizenship, and their date of birth.  During check-in you will be required to show either a passport or a valid government issued ID and original or certified copy of your birth certificate. 


Star Marianas Air does not accept CW-1 status/visa holders transiting through Guam unless they receive authorization from US Citizenship and Immigration Services granting a parole for entry in the Guam.  Chinese passport holders who have entered the CNMI under the CNMI only parole program are also prohibited from travelling to Guam.  Please contact our reservations department for more information or if you are unsure whether or not your documents are adequate to prove eligibility for entry into Guam.  Passengers who fail to produce the required documents upon check-in will be denied boarding and are not eligible for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Reservations and Flight Booking Related Questions

1.   Why didn’t my payment/booking go through? 

  • Our Online Reservation System has a 5 minute limit that it is able to hold a seat for booking. Once you choose your date(s) and travel routes, you must complete your booking and submit payment within 5 minutes or the booking will not be confirmed.  If you have received a booking confirmation, but did not receive a payment confirmation email with a credit card invoice, your booking is not confirmed. Please contact our reservations department at (670)-433-9998/9996 or through email at for assistance.


2.   Why didn’t my credit card work? 

  • Unfortunately we are not able to see specific reasons why a payment was not processed. We are able to view all bookings that were submitted but payment not received.  If you receive a booking confirmation email, but no payment confirmation, Please contact our reservations department at (670)-433-9998/9996 or through email at for assistance and to ensure your payment is properly processed and booking is confirmed. 


3.   Why can’t I make a reservations for Saipan/Tinian scheduled flights online?

  • Our Online Reservation System was created for customers to make bookings for our scheduled flights between Saipan & Rota and Guam & Rota. The seats are limited for these routes and advanced payment is required to confirm bookings. Saipan/Tinian scheduled flights are operated by multiple aircraft flying every hour and no payment is required to confirm a booking. We highly recommend passengers make a reservation for our flights between Saipan and Tinian but we also accept “walk-in” passengers. To make a reservation for our Saipan/Tinian flights please contact our Reservations Department at (670)-433-9998/9996 or through email at  


4.   Why do we have to present our CNMI valid ID to get the discounted rate? 

  • We offer a discounted rate for flights between Saipan and Tinian to residents of the CNMI.  In order to prove residence, a valid CNMI issued ID must be provided. Unfortunately, birth certificates and passports are not acceptable forms of ID as they do not prove residence.  Valid (unexpired) CNMI Government issued IDs such as a Driver's License, Mayor’s ID, Municipal ID, or School ID are acceptable forms of ID to prove residence.

5.    Why are the tickets so expensive?

  • We strive to make flying inter island as affordable as we possibly can and offer the lowest possible prices.  There are many different costs associated with operating aircraft including fuel, insurance, maintenance, employee salaries, etc.  Additionally there are many local and federal taxes, customs/quarantine fees, and airport charges/landing fees that are included in the price of our tickets.


6.   Why do you charge for children 2 years of age?

  • Like most airlines, we charge based upon the number of seats occupied.  U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations require all children who are older than 24 months to occupy their own seat on an aircraft and are restricted from being held on their parent’s/guardian’s lap.


7.   Why are there no seats available for flights 3 months from now? Or, Why can’t I book more than a month in advance?

  • We make seats available for booking no more than 60 days before the flight is intended to be operated.  Our current process is to open up seat sales for the following month on the first business day of the current month. 


8.   Why do we only get one chance to re-book our ticket?

  • A passenger is allowed a one-time change to the reservation. A passenger who requests to change their reservations 72 hours prior to their flight will be able to make the changes with no charged fee. A passenger who requests to make changes to their reservation 24 hours prior to their confirmed reservations will be charged rebooking fee of  $45.00.Any requests made after one of these changes will not be allowed. 


9.   Why can’t I use my ticket for another person and pay additional fees?

  • Any confirmed ticket for a particular passenger is non-transferable - Change of Name is not allowed.


10.  Why can’t I change the route of my reservation and pay additional fees?

  • Any confirmed ticket for a particular route is non-transferable - Change of Route is not allowed.   


11.  Why aren’t there any direct flights from Saipan-Guam? Why do we have to stop on Rota first? 

  • Our goal is to provide safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable air transportation services to communities in the Marianas.  Currently there are direct (non-stop) flights between Guam and Saipan operated by another airline and we believe the number of seats currently offered are sufficient to meet existing demand for that route.  Rota


12.  Why can’t I make reservations on your website using my cellphone?

  • Our online reservation system currently has certain limitations that we are working on correcting.  Unfortunately customers making bookings from Apple devices are often unable to book through our system.  Most Android devices seem to work with our system relatively well.  To book online, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer and use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.


13.  Why doesn’t the E-ticket show the passengers name? It shows the card holder's name instead.

  • On the E-ticket, the card holder’s name will appear under “Customer Name.”The card holder is the customer who made the payment for the reservation. However, the reservation in our system will show the name of the travelling passenger.


14.  Why isn’t there a “local rate” for SPN-ROP-SPN & ROP-GUM-ROP?

  • We don’t offer “Local Rates” for Saipan/Rota & Guam/Rota scheduled flights. However, we do have an online rate for Saipan/Rota which is $115.00 one way / round trip $230.00. Guam/Rota scheduled flight rates remain the same.

Baggage and Cargo Questions

1.   Can we send cake as cargo?

  • We no longer accept cakes through cargo.  However, you are able to hand-carry cakes that are big enough to be placed on your lap. Any over-sized cake is not accepted.


 2.   What are your cargo rates for Saipan/Tinian/Rota/Guam?

  • For current cargo rates, please email,  or call: (670)532-6224/5                                                                                                           


3.  How can we make reservations for cargo?

  • For cargo reservations, please contact them at (670)288-9988 (Saipan) / (670)532-6224(Rota) / (670)-433-9988 (Tinian) / (671)645-7827 (Guam).                

FAQs - Resv and Flt Booking
FAQs - Baggage an Cargo
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